Cooking with TPACK

At the beginning of my teaching career, I thought of technology as its own entity to be used when I felt like it could enhance my students’ learning, but looking back, I did not really question myself about why I was using it and it was more “fluff and frill”, as Dr. Mishra states (Green, 2014). As I gained more experience, I began to think about why I was using digital technology in my classroom and I was more intentional about how it was impacting my content delivery and pedagogy.  “In this regard, the TPCK framework allows us to make sense of the complex web of relationships that exist when teachers attempt to apply technology to the teaching of subject matter. Though separating the three concepts and their relationships may be difficult in practice, the TPCK approach helps us identify important components of teacher knowledge that are relevant to the thoughtful integration of technology in education,” (Mishra & Koehler, 2006, p. 1044).

Revised version of the TPACK image. © Punya Mishra, 2018. Reproduced with permission   

As we continue distance learning and when we return to our school buildings, thinking about the TPACK framework is essential. “Not every topic can be shoehorned into any technology and correspondingly, any given technology is not necessarily appropriate for every topic,” (Mishra & Koehler, 2006, p. 1040). I was reminded of what a combination of content, technology, and pedagogy can make a person feel when I was presented the task of cutting up vegetables with an ice cream scooper. This technology and content pairing was “shoehorned” and made me anxious before I started the task. This humbling quickfire allowed me to make better sense of TPACK and reminded me how keeping this framework in mind will help ensure that I am giving my students access to content in ways that will cultivate persistence and growth, rather than fear and dread.


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